Sunday, October 16, 2011

Coil Tubing and Fracking Videos

Click on this link.  Then click the videos on the left-hand side.


  1. Compared with accepted techniques using full-scale rigs and benchmark drill pipe, Coiled-Tubing Drilling (CTD) can significantly decrease environmental influence. CTD is mostly a reentry drilling service that enables operators to more competently find hydrocarbon pouches still untapped in the reservoir. Reentry wells reduce the locality at the exterior impacted by drilling, but also reduce the volumes of iron alloy, cement, and drill cuttings conceived in the drilling method with Hydraulic Well Fracturing Process. Coiled-tubing technologies replace the customary rigid, jointed drill pipe with a long, flexible coiled pipe string. This can reduce the cost of drilling, as well as supply a smaller environmental footprint. In particular, less drilling grime is needed, which decreases the use of nonrenewable assets and minimizes the promise for unplanned issues. Coiled tubing furthermore uses slimhole drilling techniques to accomplish very cost-effective drilling and less impact on the natural environment. In supplement, because drilling procedures are not cut off for pipe connections, CTD can use shut" mud circulation methods, which decrease the risk of spills and blowouts.