Sunday, October 16, 2011

The adventure continues...

Since I had to wait till Oct. 17 to start my job with Sanjel, for the last two weeks I have been in FL with my family, staying at my parents' place.  Sanjel flew me out to San Antonio, TX today in order to start my one month training.  They paid for the flight, hotel (Marriott), and picked me up in a Lincoln Town car.  Not bad treatment for a new hire, especially in this economy.

On the ride over, I was telling the driver about my recent situation.  He said he was very impressed that I would do what it takes to provide for my family.  He recounted how his friend, who is out of work, refuses to take any work beneath him, like driving a taxi, and is content living on the government dole.  This same friend also occasionally comes to the driver asking for financial help.  This account, unfortunately, characterizes many of the currently unemployed.

That's all for now.  Just wanted to give an update.  I'm going to head out to the pool and jacuzzi for a bit.


  1. Congratulations Stranger. I always knew you could do it.

    Your friend, Mitt.

  2. Hello! I'm planning on coming up to Williston to go to work. I have a question for you...Did you take your CDL test without any training? Like you, I don't have a CDL as of yet but I also don't want to pay big money for this training. Suggestions?

  3. Mark, it is a good idea to get your cdl before coming up, but not necessarily essential. I would advise to at least get your cdl permit first. It is difficult to get on with the best companies on town if you don't have at least the permit.

  4. Come out the jacuzzi and give us an update !!!