Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Six

Yesterday, I studied all day the 140+ page CDL manual, and then took the exam around 3 pm.  The Williston DMV only offers the exam to those who have grabbed a ticket between the hours of 8-10 am and 1-3 pm.  It turns out that the exam is actually 3 tests.  The bulk is the general knowledge test (about 50 questions), then you still have to take the Combination Vehicles test and the Air Brakes test, each of which account for about ten pages of the manual.  I ended up failing the Combination vehicles test.  If someone had told me that I had to pay closer attention to that one, I would have.  Luckily, you can come back the next day and retake it, and the cost is only $5, so I retook it this morning and passed.

I hit up a few places that had been advertised in the ShopperInc, which is the local free newspaper in town, and one of the best sources for finding a job, in addition to  You can view the newspaper online.

I applied at CalFrac, SOSStaffing (which staffs for Schlumberger), Sun Well Services, and Sanjel.  The manager at Sanjel wants me to come back tomorrow morning, where I think he might offer a job.  Their Frackers make about $80,000 the first year, working a 2/1 (14 days on, 6 off) schedule.  It seems like an upper tier company from what I have observed.  They have an attractive new building next to the Haliburton building east on Broadway in town, as opposed to a small trailer like alot of the oil well servicers here.  Sanjel also provides housing, which is a bonus, since apartment/housing prices here, if you can find vacancies, are exorbitant.  If I want to move my family out here, they also provide family housing: 3 br modular homes with internet, cable, and utilities inclusive at $1,500/mo.  That sure beats the $3,000+/mo flat rent for anything else here in town.

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